Los Angeles turns 2 years old!

Man oh man, to say that we are happy with our shop in Los Angeles would be an understatement!  Two years ago this month we opened our third location, only this time it was 3000 miles away from where we are based.   Why did we do it?  California has meant so much to the combat sports community and for years in NY we have gotten loyal customers from the area so we figured lets shoot out shot!  

It wasn't easy to find a location in Losa Angeles but we had a general idea of where we wanted to be.  For us, the Fairfax district in West Hollywood felt like home from the beginning and we were determined to find the right spot either on Melrose Avenue, or on Fairtex Ave.  A lot of negotiation, false starts, over priced locations happened before we found our store at 7306 Melrose Ave.  For a while it was easy to get discouraged if it was just a pipe dream for us or was it going to be a reality?! 

(side note: when we started looking to open in LA, we were still called "East Coast MMA Fight Shop"  this wouldn't fly on the west coast and was one of the factors to us rebranding) 

Once we found the location that would later become Superare it was heads down, full steam ahead!  We certainly had customers in the area already but not to the level to completely sustain a new location so we needed to "meet the neighbors" so to speak.   Luckily for us, the Los Angeles Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA community could not have been more welcoming to us and they started showing up from day 1!   

This meant the world to us and will always have a huge part of our hearts as long as Superare is Superare. 

Now today, Superare LA is two years running and its because of you guys.


If you're in the LA area, Superare on Melrose Ave is a must visit and the largest Superare location thus far.