Superare Italiano


Ciao!  We have been teasing this collection for a while now on our social pages and wanted to get you all some more details on both the products and the release.

A couple of key points for this collection:

- All made by hand in Italy.  Just a few miles outside of Milan to be exact.

- 100% Italian cowhide leather construction.

- Multi-layered Italian foam.  What does that mean for feel?  They are different than previous Superare gloves in this way with a much softer feel to the padding from the minute you put them on.  Softer doesn't mean less protective with this foam though as it has a great balance of protection and comfort.  

- Features our first-ever Superare headgear (2 versions) as well as a No-foul groin protector. 

- Designed as a pure boxing line.

- Custom orders are available as well.  Can choose your own colors and personalize, etc.  (Working on streamlining this process as we speak)

We are VERY excited to add this to the Superare shops and get these out in the world STARTING NEXT FRIDAY 10/30/20

The Superare Italy Collection is NOW LIVE! SHOP NOW

superare italian boxing

superare italy