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Looks great, quality material

Pretty impressed with this. Was expecting a thinner, cheaper material, but the cloth has some weight to it. Feels premium.

Great protection, somewhat limited mobility

I love the protection on the shin guards, i can barely feel anything on my leg. However, the shin guard is quite bulky and I found it limits the range of motion on my knees. The best part of the shin guard is the heel strap on the foot, most other shin guards don’t have that and they tend to slip off. These shin guards never slide off. Overall 9/10 would recommend if your focusing on kicks

Carico Bag

Fantastic bag! Size is perfect. I currently have 2 pairs of shoes, gloves, wraps, lifting belt, 2 ropes, small towel, and extra t-shirts, with room for more. Highly recommend.

This shirt right here is the best that has come out. Love the color and the design. Please let me know when M Bison is coming out

This I just have to say is fire.

Best shirt I ever bought. Material is great and the design is kick ass. You got a customer for life

Worth the money

When you become a modern man you shed the fat and choose quality over quantity. These products offer premier quality for the price. Make the switch, fill your cart, wait for some badass products.

Dope sweatshirt but…..

I bought the sweatshirt because I love Bruce Lee. I ordered a XXXL because I’m a big dude. When I got it it fit like a small XXL. It wasn’t true to size. The order didn’t go to waste I gave my order away to a less fortunate kid instead of returning it. I’ve ordered from in the past, this doesn’t change how I feel about them at all. I will continue to be a loyal customer forever. One bad order out of 100 is a good track record with me.

This shoe was a waste

Used them for five days . After the fifth day of training. They just started to form and shape differently . They re stiff on first day. But after breaking them inn. .
They take forever to lace up . 10 mins to 15 mins every time.. very bad
The toe area on the first lace. If you tighten it . It crushes the toe area and mess the boot up.. ithe shoe is on the right lath for development. Needs some more revisions. And more time.
Honestly just not funtionable. And effect physical performamnces.
Nice and stable grounded like feel. But . Only it.
Really disappointed.
2 out of 5 stars.
One for looks and one for quality material.
Nothing else

They did it again

Four about three years I have been buying Superare products. The Bruce Lee Collaboration has been awesome. Everything I have purchased has been unique and always draws compliments from strangers. I originally bought Superare because I wanted an alternative to Soyoroll products although cool, I started feeling like I was a follower and that has never been my jam. Anyway Superare has been my go to brand for BJJ and casual t shirts. Prices are good, product is hight quality and the branding is SUPERARE!

Comfy and Stylish!

With a positive message from one of the most important people to have ever lived!

One of my favourite shirts

Show off your love and appreciation for the Rocky franchise with another high quality and awesome shirt by Superare!

Favorite SF Character

Love the color and feel. I’ve gotten the other shirts as well but this one really pops.

Great Hoodie

This is an amazing quality hoodie. My only gripe is the size I ordered. Im a big guy and 3xl usually sits on me very loose. This product does not run true to size. This fits like an XL. The Size Chart is inaccurate.

Super quality

Love this shirt! The fabric is a great soft and moveable material, not at all stiff. Slightly oversized fit, go with your normal sizing if you want a slightly larger feel. Wanna wear this all the time, esp as a child of the 80s!

Decent shirt

Style, design and quality are all great. The arms are a little tight on the XL as they are with a lot of brands, so if you're someone who likes the extended/slightly longer sleeve that may be a turnoff. To Superare: the best-fitting XL shirt I've had was True Classic (but quality wasn't good) just to give you a future reference.


Quality is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 grew up playing the game

Got it. Just wish it only said "Santa monica,ca"

Great throwback hat

Hat is made from quality material and looks great. Embroidery is very nice and very comfortable to wear. I usually wear 7 1/2 fitted and this is comfortable since it’s an adjustable snap back hat.

Dark hado

Absolutely, love the look of this jacket. I saw someone wearing this and had to get my own. Just heads up. If you have an athletic build I recommend sizing up.

I’m 6 2” 185 and have long arms. It was a little tight in the shoulders, but not so much I can’t wear it.


The OG Emperor of Muay Thai himself. There's nothing else that needs to be said.
If you train Muay Thai, this is basically as mandatory as the shorts. If you train boxing, this is still mandatory. If you just play video games...well, not mandatory, but definitely long as you know how to wrap correctly.

On the real, these are great hand-wraps for the graphics alone. The stretch is good, and though I did experience unfortunate fading issues with older models/previous releases, that could also be a result of me using them so much and washing them frequently (as you should)!

In closing, though these won't help you spam Tiger Shots Hi and Lo all day long, they can definitely make you feel like you could! Just watch out for those sneaky uppercuts...


The shirt is super quality LOVE it🔥🤘👏👏👏

Husband Loves These!

Great quality. Husband loves these shorts!

Soft and Warm

I’m loving these sweats (I also got the bottoms). They are warm and soft and fit perfectly. They are especially great right now with all the rain and cold weather in LA.

I’ve also gotten a bunch of other gear and you guys have yet to disappoint!

Wraps to find the next strongest!

Awesome wraps and long enough to wrap your fist and knuckles to protect them during training.