Winning Paddles

Color: Red

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For the first time we are opening our Winning selection to online purchases instead of in-store only during the pandemic.  All Winning presented in our store is 100% authentic.


*Due to the high price and limited availability of Winning Products we do not accept returns or exchanges on any Winning Items*

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely worth it if you are a trainer.

My elbow was damaged with Tommy John's from all the mittwork I did for my boxers.

These paddles were my last resort--and it was worth every penny.

Three things come to mind:

1) After months of owning these, what's remarkable is the durability/ quality of the paddles. I don't know how they stand up to the abuse that my heavyweight sluggers put them through, but they are as fresh and rigid as day one. If you've ever owned anything else made by Winning, you'll understand that they are 2-3 times the cost with 10 times the durability. These paddles are no exception.

2) I get better work out of my fighters, period. Because they are paddles, unlike mitts, your stable of pro heavyweight sluggers can wail on these with 100% power and speed, without risk to your joints or the equipment.

3) Form factor: you can do more with paddles because they have two target sides and an extended paddle. Additionally, you can place one in front of the other for better audial feedback for punches from your fighters (like a TKD clapper, but MUCH better quality.)

The price tag is steep, and I wouldn't recommend this if you were a casual fitness boxer. But if you are a professional trainer who needs top-performance from multiple fighters...this is a no brainer.

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