Superare x Street Fighter Hand Wraps - Blanka

$21.00 USD

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Growing up the way we did, Street Fighter was life.  Specifically Street Fighter 2.  That cast of characters has stayed with us over the years and now we are honored to be able to have our own official Superare x Street Fighter line of apparel.

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100% Cotton



Soft ink graphics

Officially licensed by Capcom.

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Customer Reviews

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Good hand wraps durable .

So I. Had these for almost a year washed a lot still holds up the Velcro surprisingly works well to this date . I like my Handwraps to be Superare street fighter brand always sparks a conversation and stand out when getting to it . Lowkey realize that ppl that pay a lil extra for there gear to have cool designs usually end up being good fighters from what Iv seen using my own experience js + your a little bit more sophisticated looking with these bad boys on .

Darren Howney
Excellent Wraps

I do Boxing and these wraps are great, amazing quality and design print. wonder if they will do more characters especially balrog would make sense.

Brian Miller
Love the Street Fighter hand wraps.

I love these wraps. I have all 3 Street Fighter hand wraps. They feel good on the hands and make me feel like a beast.

FIGHTERS READY, ENGAGE!!! (Very durable handwraps, crap avalibility...they're just wraps dammit!)

Speaking as a long time SF III: 3rd Strike player, Animator and seasoned martial artist, Blanka isn't really my "main" from the series but i'd love to see more love go to the full character roster or the more obscure characters like Dan (i will so laugh hard if Dan get's his own pair because how successful this will be), Dudley, Ken, Sakura and Cammy.

I think we all end up identifying with each individual character based on how long we commit to their play style, fighter philosophy or just how badass their character / color design is...and that kinda influences our personal "fighting spirit" in the ring.

It really, really sucks to see these simple protective handwraps (that no one will see) fall prey to the hype market tbh. I own a pair of Ryu ones, and they are actually well constucted for months of HEAVY USE, but after months they are almost ready for the trash + a fresh pair, but you see my point...I ACTUALLY USE MINE and I'll need another pair soon.

Availability is the issue, and i feel like cool gear like this is something to get more young boys and girls into fight sports by adding some individual personality while developing their skills.

The reason i write this review is because I told my younger brother about these and he was literally devastated to find out that they were all sold out, AGAIN. I gave him the "they're just wraps dude, looking cool doesn't make you a better fighter" talk but you can't shake a kid off that...and he doesn't want my "gross" wraps lol. His loss i guess. 😒

Funny thing is that the only reason he got into kickboxing was because i'd always kick his butt at Third Strike. :3

I really wish we had cool gear like this back in the golden arcade / console days, keep this collab alive Superrare!!! F*** the adults, f*** the hype, make more for the kids!

Actually, i take that back adults are kids at heart too! <3 🔥🔥🔥ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ


- Make a product purchase limit so more people WHO ACTUALLY PRACTICE ON THE MATS & BAGS can buy these and don't become hype vulture scalper meat. Also make more based on a poll or something.

- Blanka (Brazillian shock monster thing, sorry don't hit me! /: ) is a classic SF character, but among my gamer friends would rather play as Sean (A lower teir bootleg Brazillian Ken from the more popular titles, olá don't hit me i love Brasil, obrigado /: ) just because of his character design & style. Focus on that.

My ultimate point is, this is the MOST consumable item next to your gloves. Hype vultures don't train as hard as the people who actively look for these do. I already need a new pair and I've grown attached to this weathered pair.

I want to see every boy & girl in every gym throwing air Kikokens and Sonic Booms with these everyday, and everywhere. If you aren't wearing, using and showing off your wraps...then what's the point??

I write all this because i love ya guys, hope y'all keep up the good work in the future!!!

Great wraps

Amazing wrap quality and the design is awesome, well done XD!


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