Superare Boxing Shoes SE - Black/Red/White

$150.00 USD

Superare boxing shoes are here! Designed and tested by professionals to maximize your in-ring experience and provide the support you need.

Lightweight grooved sole for improved stability and grip in the ring

High-quality vegan leather/breathable mesh outer shell

Additional ergonomic double layered insole for extra comfort

Mid-top height

Embroidered graphics

Fit/Sizing Info:

US Sizing

Fit true to size (these run larger than the Black/White Superare shoes)

SE model has a wider toe box than normal version.

Women's Sizing - please subtract 1.5  from size to get women's US Sizing *(Example: If you wear a size 6 in US Women's please order size 4.5)

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Fantastic for wide footed fighters

The fit and finish are top notch. I have almost "rectangular" feet and most boots like Nike and Adidas don't fit me. For reference, if you can fit in a Venum shoe these will fit well, too. The colors, stitching, sole, and design are spectacular. However, I did buy aftermarket laces because these are cotton ones (I think) and I prefer nylon/synthetic. Also, they are super light (lighter than my Venums). Unbeatable value for your money (as all Superare items are).


This is my first pair of boxing shoes and they are so much better than using running shoes for workouts. I have pretty normal feet and glad I went a half size up. If you have wide you might want to go a whole size up. Love these shoes definitely worth the money.

Evan Ortiz
High Quality that lives up to the Superare name

First off, these are my first boxing shoes so I may be a bit biased. These fit and perform exactly as I had in mind and I don't see any reason to try any other shoe. Amazing quality and performance. I will definitely be back for another pair if these ever get beat up enough.

Boot heaven!!!

These boots are so comfy! They feel like sneakers, quality and durable leather. And above all they look cool! Ive been wanting to order them for a long time, I live in the UK and they arrived special air in 3 days! I am so happy! Thank you Suparare! I love them!

Adam DeFrancesco
I threw my old boxing shoes away after receiving these!

Yup, that’s right. I tossed those Nikes right in the trash after a couple of rounds in these Superare shoes. I can break it down into four criteria: comfort, support, comfort, and support. Yes, I like the old-school look, but if you have ever worn uncomfortable shoes for several rounds or rolled an ankle because they offered no lateral support, aesthetics is a distance 5th placed. Because they provide a lot of stability and support, I do have to be patient and take my time putting the shoe on and lacing them up. If you don’t think about them again until you take them off, you find a good shoe. The shoe also offers the proper traction in the ring. It still allows you to pivot when throwing the hook, and good glide and traction move forward and side to side. I never thought I would find this quality shoe from a private label.


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