Superare One Series "SuperGel" Velcro Gloves - Grey/Matte


These gloves are the latest colorway to the very popular Supergel model of Superare gloves.

These gloves feature

- 100% top grain Buffalo leather

- Injection-molded foam with an added layer of Gel at the core for a different padding experience than the normal One Series gloves.

- Ultra-soft microfiber lining

- Rubberized label on cuff

- Vented palm for additional airflow.

- Added support on the wrist so your wrist should never go backward while training.

- Mesh bag

⚠️ WARNING: California Proposition 65

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Can’t beat these!

First and foremost I can’t thank staff member Dylan enough for all his knowledge and patiences. He pointed me to these beauties and I can’t be any happier with my purchase. They bad boys are top quality and surpassed my expectations. Much props to Superare and crew!

Anthony Warren

I’ve been using the supergel gloves as an all around training glove for about 3 weeks, and I have to say that I am impressed. The leather is top-notch, like any superare glove, stitching is excellent, and the color (silver/black) and superare lettering look great. I was a little worried when I first put my hand in them because these gloves have a fairly compact hand compartment, particularly where the thumb meets the glove. Now that they’re a bit more broken in, they are very comfortable. Still could use a little more room at the thumb, but it’s a bit better after break-in.

In terms of performance, they are good for bag/mitt work, partner drills, etc. I don’t really soar in them, just because of the nature of that padding and potential to injure a partner, plus I have the S50s, which are an exquisite glove and function very well for sparring. The supergel offers very good protection so you can throw hard shots on the heavy bag without much punishment to your joints. There is also a bar or something on the posterior wrist that prevents hyperflexion and wrist injury, which is an added bonus. The one downside is if you prefer a Mexican style glove, or other “puncher’s” glove with a lot of feedback, like a Cleto Reyes, this may not be the glove for you since the glove is built more for protection, rather than to bust up your knuckles.

One thing I would like to see is some additional anterior wrist padding, like the S50, but that may just be a personal preference for me.

Overall, the glove is very well crafted, the leather is exceptionally high quality, it offers great hand and wrist protection, and the price point is a good deal. I prefer these to my Rival RFX Intelli-shocks and I now use the superare one series gloves as my go-to trainer. These were a good investment for me and I’ll likely stick with the brand. Maybe i can convince them to make a custom glove for me after I win a few fights!

Deirdre Fabian
Great gloves

Love these gloves I am a 128 of woman and the 14 oz are perfect for my hands. I can see issues for bigger people. Live the wrist stability and feel of glove. Nice job!!🥊🥊

Michael Thomas
Super nice and super snug

These gloves are sweet. Beautifully made and visually just awesome. I could tell by the build they would hold up well. Unfortunately even with a shoe horn I couldn’t get them on. In winnings I use both 14oz and 16oz and both slip right on. In these I couldn’t get past my thumb knuckle with wraps. I took the wraps off and manages to barely get my hand in but within about 15 seconds my thumbs were numb it was so tight. I am a 6’2 260 pound guy and have big hands. Just wish these were a touch bigger for me to enjoy.

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