Superare Rosé Hand Wraps


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Fancy can be fun and these Rosé wraps are both fashionable and functionable.

180 inches


100% Cotton

Customer Reviews

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Rosé gloves

Length and fabric are great! Certainly love the patch on the velcro to match the Rosé gloves, but the band itself is like an orange/brownish color. Certainly wished it would’ve been closer to the same color on the patch (which match the gloves material and color). Would be cool to see any future limited release wraps without a completely different color band, if it is go with a particular gloves. Wasn’t expecting that. Finally, the velcro design I wish would be a bit more robust and/or effective/secure other than a simple long, thin strip. It can even be unique to Superare, who knows! :) Very happy and content with my purchase, nonetheless, especially since they were limited along with the gloves! Would love for this to be considered for future Limited releases which have the option for Limited-release wraps as well.

Well made

Good quality product, a little more on the orange side than I thought but can’t complain.

I wanted to love it but...

The color is beautiful. The width, quality of the fabric and its stretchability are great. But the placement of the hook-and-loop closure is probably made for people with really thick wrists, that’s why when I close it, only half of the Velcro gets secured and the other half is just hanging out. Too bad. I’d probably have to wrap it around a different way to make the Velcro work.


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