Superare S360 Cheek Headgear - Navy/Red

$159.95 $199.95
Size: S


Thank you for taking a look at the Superare Italian collection.  With this line, we are aiming to be the very best in the world in regards to professional boxing gear but please, see for yourself!

Product features:

Handmade in Italy.

The finest Italian cowhide leather.

Multi-layered Italian foam for a soft yet ultra-protective experience.

Great for sparring.

Supreme attention to detail and quality.

Good vision/protection ratio

Custom options available (email for more information)

⚠️ WARNING: California Proposition 65

Customer Reviews

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Davion @strongman_theboxer Taylor
Save your money and get something else

I really wanted this headgear to be good I looked all over for a review of this brand of headgear but can’t find any so imma give it my honest review….. I don’t like this headgear I see that they tried to do something different but trying to be different isn’t always a good thing like most italian brands it looks beautiful but it’s fucked up the chin strap doesn’t even strap to your chin it straps to your neck and chokes you even when you put the strap through the weird flappy piece they added, on top of that I like my headgear tight so it doesn’t move around during sparring but that didn’t stop this damn headgear from moving up down left right and center, there’s a weird mesh inside the headgear that I assume makes it move like that and to add on top of that why is the latch on the back of the headgear WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS AN INIVATIVE IDEA DID ANYONE WEAR AND TEST THIS HEADGEAR BEFORE DECIDING TO SELL IT?! The laces on the gear are also too damn long I’m not trying to look like a Shinobi in the ring and why is there so much damn padding on the forehead?? I felt like a damn rhino putting this thing on.
The things I did like about this headgear is the aesthetic look of it the beautiful Italian design the pretty colors the feel of the leather and the cheek guards this is something you wear to make you look like a good boxer but with none of the skill.
Overall the headgear is very pretty, prettiest headgear I’ve over owned but the cons greatly outweigh the pros and I’m disappointed because I love everything they sell from the bags to the gloves,hand wraps,shoes,etc but this headgear is simply bad I would NOT purchase this, please choose something reliable like title,contender,winning,rival etc

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