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Superare x Ali Wheaties Limited Edition Gloves


One can't have a conversation about champions in sport without referencing Muhammad Ali as perhaps the greatest champion of the 20th century.  Historic cereal brand, Wheaties has immortalized Ali on yet another one of their famous Wheaties boxes celebrating their 100 year anniversary (cereal box in stores now) and have teamed up with us to release a limited edition Superare x Wheaties: Muhammad Ali capsule.


100% Grade A Buffalo Leather

Multi-layered foam

Embroidered graphics

Available in 10-16oz

Comes with a complimentary pair of Wheaties x Ali signature handwraps (180in)

Branded satin dust bag.

These gloves will ship in roughly 1-2 weeks from the release date

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Benjamino Camacho
Amazing bag gloves and became my daily training glove

In the very beginning the gloves felt a bit tight and stiff which was a little of a turn off in the beginning but after breaking them in they’re the most comfortable, form fitting gloves I’ve worn plus they got that nice pop when they make impact. 10/10 a must buy. Not sure if they’re super gels but they feel oddly similar. Can’t recommend these enough.

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