Superare x Street Fighter Handwraps - Sagat

Size: 180"


Growing up the way we did, Street Fighter was life.  Specifically Street Fighter 2.  That cast of characters has stayed with us over the years and now we are honored to be able to have our own official Superare x Street Fighter line of apparel.

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  • 100% Cotton
  • 180 inches
  • Semi-stretch
  • Soft ink graphics
  • Officially licensed by Capcom

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

The OG Emperor of Muay Thai himself. There's nothing else that needs to be said.
If you train Muay Thai, this is basically as mandatory as the shorts. If you train boxing, this is still mandatory. If you just play video games...well, not mandatory, but definitely long as you know how to wrap correctly.

On the real, these are great hand-wraps for the graphics alone. The stretch is good, and though I did experience unfortunate fading issues with older models/previous releases, that could also be a result of me using them so much and washing them frequently (as you should)!

In closing, though these won't help you spam Tiger Shots Hi and Lo all day long, they can definitely make you feel like you could! Just watch out for those sneaky uppercuts...

Evan Prichard
Perfect for fighting

These wraps feel great. They stay in place if I wear 5 ounce MMA gloves or 16+ ounce gloves. Easy to roll out and clean. Also I always get compliments on them for repping the OG Muay Thai fighter in video games. I bought 4 other pairs of the Street Fighter collab wraps

Love the Wraps

I bought 3 of these wraps and love how they feel on my hands right out of the packaging, they feel clean and don't irritate my hands.

Doug Fred

I bought a pair of the street fighter wraps and loved them. Loved them even more with the ease of washing and rewrapping and bought the rest of the collection.

Beautiful and fun

Love these wraps! Will update when I put them to use. I train Muay Thai for the last few years and these are gorgeous. The wraps feel very high quality. Thank you Super Rare. I bought Ryu and Sagat and Chun Li. I forgot to add Blanka but will grab those and some Sagat shirts!

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