Superare "Supergel" V Gloves

Proprietary gel-core, added wrist support. Great for all experience levels.


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Superare "Supergel" V Gloves


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Superare "Supergel" V Gloves


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“The quality can not be beat. I do not ever give reviews but I had to with this purchase.”

- J.Q.

““The gel core is so comfortable, I don't even think I need to wrap my hands anymore. I still do it out of habit; it's never a bad thing to have extra protection. The wrist support is another great feature.”

- B.C.

“These gloves feel great. It only took me a couple of uses to break them in. I also like the aesthetic. Got a lot of compliments.”

- A.B.

“Gloves are a comfortable fit on your hands, great balance between padding and safety with feeling so much like a pillow glove. The styling on the white is amazing.”

 - Daniel

Proprietary Supergel

Injection-molded foam ensures unparalleled impact absorption.

Breathable Comfort

Ultra-soft microfiber liningand a vented palm design forcool hands.

Added Wrist Support

Keep your wrists aligned and powerful with splinted support.

Easy Maintenance

Includes a mesh bag for convenience. Wipe down with a gentle wipe after every use.


Break barriers and push beyond boundaries with our advanced splinted wrist support. Achieve unparalleled wrist alignment, empowering you to unleash flawless punches with unwavering confidence and precision.


Designed with our exclusive Supergel, an injection-molded foam, feel the confidence to go all-in during bag work or face-offs with opponents. With unrivaled impact absorption, each strike packs a potent punch, guaranteeing peak performance and an invincible edge.


Meticulously crafted from the finest top-grain Buffalo leather, the Supergel Vs set a new standard for comfort through ultra-soft microfiber lining and a vented palm design.



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