On March 8, 1971 Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali fought in what came to be known as the "Fight of the century."  

This fight was a culmination of two of the best heavyweight boxers of an era after they both had cleared out all other challengers and finally were facing off.  The fight lived up to the tremendous hype and onlookers were left with a memory for the rest of their lives.

We honor the memory of this landmark event with our new Fight of the century : 50th Anniversary collection.  We have partnered with the LeRoy Neiman estate to utilize his iconic art from that night on a capsule of apparel that is as timeless as the fight itself.

For this collection we took the original fight poster Neiman created for the fight and the round 14 sketch Neiman did from ringside that night and printed them high-quality clothing pieces.


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