Superare 'Enorme' Gear Bag


The Superare Enorme Gear Bag is our largest bag to date with 83 Liters of space. Use it as a duffle bag or a backpack to carry all of your training gear for boxing, jiu jitsu, muay thai or all of the martial arts at once! 

- Convertible into Dufflebag or Backpack in seconds

- Plenty of storage with 83 Liters of space; Measurements: 28x14x13 inches (71x35.50x33cm)

- Great for multi-discipline training with separate storage for wet items

- Ventilated to eliminate moisture and reduce bacteria and odor

- Ventilated to eliminate moisture and reduce bacteria and odor

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great quality

This bag is great quality. Fits all of my gear for boxing, kickboxing and jiujitsu plus more! I am confident this bag will last me a very long time. The price is worth it. To any woman who trains, this is the bag for you.

R. Morris
100/10 Quality

Best bag I’ve ever seen or had, and there are 5 others in my closest. Big enough to fir a small child inside it and the quality of the material is insanely high quality,. They must have crafted this from the skin of a dragon and 6 unicorns because it feels like Jesus Christ himself put it together. Love the department for soiled clothes, great for storing my gear post training because my cheeks sweat like a Eskimo in Texas heat. If you’re still reading this review and don’t know if it’s worth getting, just take my word for it.

The best bag

It's the best bag i've ever bought, i tried with many brands and it's always difficult to fit shinguards and all that you need, in this case you will have more than enough space.

The impermeable materials are perfect for the rainy days.

I love the bag, and i got it super fast.

Only bag you'll need

The description wasn't kidding about the size of this bag. This thing is a lot bigger than you think. I tend to think I carry quite a bit of gear but this thing carries it all and has quite a bit of space leftover. Don't think I'll ever have a problem with gear storage ever again.

Also, the convertible nature of it makes it highly convenient as a travel bag.

Joseph Bee
Solid bag!!

This bag holds maaaad weed!


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