Superare One Series: "SuperGel" Velcro Gloves - White/Black


Only 4 pieces in stock!

Superare One Series: Supergel Gloves from Superare Fight Goods on Vimeo.

These gloves feature

- 100% top grain Buffalo leather

- Injection-molded foam with an added layer of Gel at the core for a different padding experience than the normal One Series gloves.

- Ultra-soft microfiber lining also not found in any other Superare glove.

- Rubberized label on cuff

- Vented palm for additional airflow.

- Added support on the wrist so your wrist should never go backward while training.

- Mesh bag

⚠️ WARNING: California Proposition 65

Customer Reviews

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Spike Paris
Superare Similar, But Better

It's a great glove. The aesthetics are beautiful - the printing, the colors, the entire glove is absolutely gorgeous.

I was right in thinking that they would be incredibly similar to the Ringside IMF glove - and certain aspects are, but these gloves have a better fit and feel, and the padding (so far) hasn't bubbled or pimpled like the Ringside ones do.

They feel and perform like high quality gloves. Worth the money spent on them (which is a pretty fair price for those that do a lot of boxing)

They have better padding than Cleto Reyes - they feel like they have more knuckle and back hand protection and they are not as pillowy as say Top King or wastefully soft as some other gloves.

Some people like hard/minimum padding and some folks like myself like a more pillowy glove -- these offer that pillow protection in a tight and dense/compact way.

Wrists and knuckles feel protected, and they are the best looking gloves I've ever worn.

Give them a try - if you normally wear Ringside or Reyes - it's a no brainer, get these gloves -- if you're more of a Top King or Rival fan - these aren't as soft or cloud-like, but they are really good - more compact.

Great gloves

Super protective but still gives great snap and feedback. Used for bag and sparring for two weeks and my hands and wrists feel great. They were stiff for the first two days but broke in pretty quick while staying snug. Best gloves at this price.

Best gloves ever

smells like a angels vagina

Sarah Raoof

Highly recommend! As other people said, they’re a little tight in the beginning but they loosen up and feel great after a few sessions. I use mine in a boxing/HIIT combo class so I use them on a heavy bag and with push ups/mountain climbers/high planks and they’re great. Can’t recommend them highly enough! The colors and design are also very sleek

Daniel Lopez
Series One Gloves

I purchased these for a striking class I take in conjunction with Krav Maga. They are a snug fit but I like that. Great wrist support as well. These will be my go to gloves going forward!

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